ISSN 1121 - 7138

January 2020

New Microbiologica vol. 43, no. 1, January 2020

Full Papers

1F. Rovida, E. Vecchio Nepita, F. Giardina, A Piralla, G. Campanini, F. Baldanti.
Rotavirus molecular epidemiology in hospitalized patients, Northern Italy, 2015-2018.
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6G.V. De Socio, A. Belati, R. Paggi, A. D’Arpino, A. Moretti, F. Allegrucci, E. Cenci, D. Francisci, A. Mencacci.
Accelerate Pheno™ system in sepsis by Gram-negative pathogens: four months of hospital experience.
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13F. Bisognin, G. Lombardi, D. Lombardo, M. Carla Re, P. Dal Monte.
Comparison of MycoPrep and the new MYCO-TB kit: rapid and efficient digestion and decontamination of respiratory specimens for the detection of Mycobacteria.
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17A. Mancini, S. Pucciarelli, F.E. Lombardi, S. Barocci, P. Pauri, S. Lodolini.
Differences between Community - and Hospital - acquired urinary tract infections in a tertiary care hospital.
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22G. Meroni, F. Pace, E. Grossi, V. Casini, L. Drago.
Bacterial network community in fecal and endoluminal Microbiota after colonoscopy.
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28L. Lepore, F. Vairo, A. D’Abramo, E. Grilli, A. Corpolongo, L. Scorzolini, C. Nisii, G. Calleri, F. Castelli, A. Chirianni, G. Ippolito, E. Nicastri and the Italian Survey Working Group on Clinical Management of Imported Malaria Cases.
Clinical management of imported malaria in Italy: esults from a national cross-sectional survey in 2015.
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Short Communications

34G.M. González, R. de J. Treviño-Rangel, C.L. Campos, H. Villanueva-Lozano, A. Bonifaz, R.F. Cendejas, L.E. López-Jácome, M. Bobadilla del Valle, J.M. Llaca-Díaz, J.J. Ayala-Gaytán, L.R. Castañón-Olivares, J.C. Tinoco, A. Andrade.
Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in Serratia marcescens in Mexico.
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38R. Condò, M. Leo, L. Maiolo, A. Convertino, F. Sinibaldi, R. Santucci, A. Divizia, V. Campanella, G. La Rosa, A. Colantoni, M. Anselmi, M. Divizia.
Cytotoxicity and internalization analysis of silicon nanowires in Buffalo Green Monkey cells: a preliminary study to evaluate the possibility of carrying viruses inside the cells.
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41E. Nucleo, V. Mattioni Marchetti, A. Mercato, M. Quatela, L. Villa, R. Migliavacca.
OXA-48 and NDM-1 Klebsiella pneumoniae of Sequence Type 101 from blood in a patient with travel history abroad, Italy.
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Case Report

44A. Beltrán Rosel, I. Sanjoaquín Conde, A. Pérez Muñoz, P. Mateo Alcalá, C.B. Marta, A. Irigoyen von Sierakowski.
Strongyloides stercoralis: a rare and severe presentation in a pregnant woman.
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47D. Casagrande Pierantoni, M. Bernardo, E. Mallardo, N. Carannante, V. Attanasio, L. Corte, L. Roscini, L. Di Fiore, Carlo Tascini, G. Cardinali.
Candida palmioleophila isolation in Italy from two cases of systemic infection, after a CHROMagar and Vitek system mis-identification as C. albicans.
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51D. Sabadi, L. Peric, V. Savic, I. Rubil, V. Baraban, I. Tabain, L. Barbic, M. Duvnjak, M. Bogdanic, V. Stevanovic, K. Capak, T. Vilibic-Cavlek.
Fatal case of West Nile encephalitis associated with acute anteroseptal ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI): a case report.
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