ISSN 1121 - 7138

April 2020

New Microbiologica vol. 43, no. 2, April 2020

Full Papers

55F. Rinaldi, S. Rolla, L. Galli, A. Poli, C. Muccini, A. Mastrangelo, C. Tavano, A. Lazzarin, A. Bartoloni, A. Castagna.
Dynamics of HIV-1 POL antibodies after ART in chronic HIV-1 infection.
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58Zhongyang Liu, Yanping Ma, Ying Lu, Liying Han, Shuang Gao, Bo Zheng, Ying Qi, Yujing Huang, Qiang Ruan.
Characterization of Human Cytomegalovirus UL16 and UL17 Transcripts.
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64M. Grijalva, K. De La Torre, N. Sánchez.
The clinical impact of a multiplex real-time PCR system for microbiological diagnosis of sepsis: a mortality study.
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70R. Kukla, R. Bolehovska, J. Radocha, L. Pliskova, P. Zak, F. Vrbacky, J. Nekvindova, H. Zemlickova.
Improved laboratory diagnostics of Streptococcus pneumoniae in respiratory tract samples through qPCRv.
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78S. Franchelli, A. Rossin, M. Pesce, A. Marchese, A. De Maria.
Environmental factors associated with etiology of microbiologically confirmed reconstructive breast implant infections: impact on clinical management and treatment.
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82Suying Zhao, Li Wang, Shuyuan Cao, Juan Liu, Zhan Zhang, Lei Li, Feng Chen, Qian Wu.
A preliminary study on the homology analysis of clinical Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates based on fatty acid profiles.
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89C. Leli, L. Di Matteo, F. Gotta, D. Vay, V. Cavallo, R. Mazzeo, S. Busso, L. Carrabba, A. Rocchetti.
Clinical Utility of Platelet Count for Screening of Malaria.
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Short Communications

93P. Bottino, C. Balloco, M. Rittŕ, G. Bianco, F. Sidoti, R. Cavallo, C. Costa.
Evaluation of CMV DNA in dried blood spot.
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Case Report

96F. Martora, C. Pagliuca, M.E. Della Pepa, M.T. Della Rocca, S. Curto, M.R. Iovene, M. Vitiello.
Campylobacter jejuni bacteremia in Italian pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Report of two cases.
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99M. Colaneri, C. Cavanna, M. Mussa, A. Morea, T. Manciulli, E. Brunetti, A. Di Matteo, F. Lallitto.
Cryptococcosis in an HIV-negative, HCV positive, immunosenescent patient: a case report.
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