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July 2019

New Microbiologica vol. 42, no. 3, July 2019

Full Papers

133S. Tecco, M.R. Parisi, G. Gastaldi, E. Polizzi, T. D’Amicantonio, I. Zilocchi, I. Gardini, E.F. Gherlone, A. Lazzarin, P. Capparè.
Point-of-care testing for hepatitis C virus infection at an Italian dental clinic: portrait of the pilot study population.
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139S. Lanini, B. Bart olini, C. Taibi, A. Agresta, A.R. Garbuglia, C. Montaldo, R. Pisapia, G. D’Offizi, P. Scognamiglio, M.R. Capobianchi, A. Zumla, G. Ippolito.
Early improvement of glycaemic control after virus clearance in patients with chronic hepatitis C and severe liver fibrosis: a cohort study.
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145L. Calza, G. di Pietro, V. Colangeli, M. Borderi, I. Zaghi, P. Malosso, I. Bon, M.C. Re, P. Viale.
Factors associated with vitamin D deficiency in HIV-1 infected patients on combination antiretroviral therapy: a case-control study.
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150A. Di Biagio, P. Bonfanti, G. Madeddu, G. De Socio, P. Maggi, F. Vichi, C. Mart inelli, B. Menzaghi, G. Orofino, N. Squillace, E. Ricci, B. Acone and T. Quirino for C.I.S.A.I. Group.
SLAM Project - Second-Level Diagnostic Assessment: Multidisciplinary approach to HIV Patients.
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156M. Monini, F. Ostanello, E. Vignolo, E. Pagani, S. Gamper, S. Spert ini, E. Masi, M. Rabini, A. Stenico, E. Poznanski, and I. Di Bartolo.
Occurrence of two Norovirus outbreaks in the same cafeteria in one week.
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161Jiping Zhu, Jingjing Li, Xiaomei Wang, Xiaoting Feng, Yi Li. Di Bartolo.
Nonstructural Protein NP1 of Human Bocavirus 1 suppresses the growth of A549 cell by promoting autophagy.
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166G. Roncarati, C. Fazio, V. Gaspari, G. Marziali, G. Furlini, S. Galli, A. Moroni, C. Foschi, A. Marangoni, A. D’Antuono.
Syphilis in a high-density urban area in the North of Italy.
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171F. Bisognin, F. Amodio, G. Lombardi, M.L. Bacchi Reggiani, E. Vanino, L. Attard, M. Tadolini, M.C. Re, P. Dal Monte.
Predictors of time to sputum smear conversion in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis under treatment.
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176F.G. De Rosa, S. Corcione, C. Tascini, D. Pasero, A. Rocchetti, M. Massaia, G. Berlot, P. Solidoro, M. Girardis.
A Position Paper on IgM-Enriched Intravenous Immunoglobulin Adjunctive Therapy in Severe Acute Bacterial Infections: The TO-PIRO SCORE Proposal.
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Short Communications

181M.V. Mauro, F. Greco, R. Tenuta, G. Apuzzo, A. Costantino, R. Bruni, M. Equestre, A.R. Ciccaglione, C. Giraldi, A. Mastroianni.
Hepatitis A outbreak affecting men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Italy.
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Case Report

184E.I. Namburete, F. Di Gennaro, C.J. Maria, D.F. Bavaro, G. Brindicci, R. Lattanzio, D. Pizzol, L. Monno, A. Saracino.
Uncommon testicular localization of Disseminated TB: a case report from Mozambique.
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