ISSN 1121 - 7138

October 2017

New Microbiologica vol. 40, no. 4, October 2017


227L. taramasso, G. CendereLLo, n. riCCardi, s. tunesi, a. di BiaGio.
role of raltegravir in patients co-infected with HiV and HCV in the era of direct antiviral agents.
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Full Papers

234a. amendoLa, G. BiBBoLino, a. naVarra, m. PisCiotta, P. marseLLa, C. Pinnetti, i. aBBate, G. rozera, a. mondi, a. antinori, m.r. CaPoBianCHi, e. Girardi, a. ammassari.
slow or fast viral load decay as a predictor of residual viremia level in HiV-infected patients undergoing successful first-line cart.
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242m.r. Parisi, s. teCCo, GiorGio GastaLdi, e. PoLizzi, teresa d’amiCantonio, siLVia neGri, i. Gardini, K. sCHLusnus, e. GHerLone, PaoLo CaPParč, a. Lazzarin.
Point-of-care testing for hepatitis C virus infection at alternative and high-risk sites: an italian pilot study in a dental clinic.
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246d. LaPa, C. BreGa, a. mammone, m. zaCCareLLi, m.r. CaPoBianCHi, a.r. GarBuGLia.
diagnostic performance of hepatitis e virus antigen assay in hepatitis e virus acute infection.
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251C. Costa, a. di nauta, m. rittŕ, F. sinesi, G. BianCo, F. sidoti, P. soLidoro, r. CaVaLLo.
development of an elisPot assay for HsV-1 and clinical validation in lung transplant patients.
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258a. marCH, r. asCHBaCHer, F. sLeGHeL, G. soeLVa, m. KaCzor, r. miGLiaVaCCa, a. Piazza, V. mattioni marCHetti, L. PaGani, K. sCaLzo, V. Pasquetto, e. PaGani.
Colonization of residents and staff of an italian long-term care facility and an adjacent acute care hospital geriatric unit by multidrug-resistant bacteria.
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264r. deL Prete, L. ronGa, G. addati, r. maGrone, G. miraGLiotta.
Prevalence of Clostridium difficile and ribotype 027 infection in patients with nosocomial diarrhoea in southern italy.
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269a. eLBeHiry, e. marzouK, m. Hamada, m. aL-duBaiB, e. aLyamani, i.m. moussa, a. aLrowaidHan, H.a. HemeG.
application of maLdi-toF ms fingerprinting as a quick tool for identification and clustering of foodborne pathogens isolated from food products.
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279P. Pumeesat, w. muanGKaew, s. amPawonG, n. LuPLertLoP.
Candida albicans biofilm development under increased temperature.
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Short Communications

284P. GaiBani, e. sCaLtriti, C. Benni, s. PonGoLini, s. amBretti, m.P. Landini, P.L. ViaLe, m. GianneLLa, m.C. re.
Characterization of an incL/m plasmid carrying blaOXA-48 in a Klebsiella pneumoniae strain from italy.
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286t. Kardos, q. saLeH, r. KoVáCs, r. GeszteLyi, G. Kardos, a. Bozó, z. tótH, L. majoros.
Postantifungal effect of micafungin against Candida albicans, Candida dubliniensis and Candida africana in the presence and absence of serum.
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Case Reports

289P. zanotti, i. izzo, s. Casari, C. Cattaneo, s. zaLtron, a. sPinetti, s. odoLini, C. CHiriCo, C. GreCCHi, e. Festa, F. CasteLLi.
Lymphoproliferative disease with mixed cryoglobulinemia and hyperviscosity syndrome in an HiV-infected patient: HCV is the only culprit.
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291e. de CanaLe, d. sGaraBotto, G. marini, n. meneGotto, s. masiero, w. aKKouCHe, m.a. BiasoLo, L. Barzon, G. PaLů.
Plasmodium knowlesi malaria in a traveller returning from the Philippines to italy, 2016.
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