ISSN 1121 - 7138

April 2017

New Microbiologica vol. 40, no. 2, April 2017


75s. RusConi, s. MaRCotullio, a. Cingolani.
Long acting agents for HiV infection: biological aspects, role in treatment and in prevention, and patient’s perspective.
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80P. BRianti, e. De FlaMMineis, s.R. MeRCuRi.
Review of HPV-related diseases and cancers.
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Full Papers

86a. antinoRi, a. Di Biagio, s. MaRCotullio, M. anDReoni, a. CHiRianni, a. D’aRMinio MonFoRte, M. galli, F. Mazzotta, C. Mussini, M. Puoti, a. lazzaRin FoR tHe italian HiV guiDelines WoRking gRouP.
Italian guidelines for the use of antiretroviral agents and the diagnostic-clinical management of HIV-1 infected persons. Update 2016
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99W. touMi, a. RiPalti, l. RiCCiaRDiello, a. CHeRiF, D. gaRgouRi, a. BouHaFa, J. kHaRRat, s. JaRBoui, H. BenRHouMa, M. zili, R. kHeliFa.
Detection of a new JCV strain of genotype a in a subpopulation of colorectal adenocarcinomas in tunisia.
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107F. PiCa, M. Ciotti, M. MauRiCi, C. Buè, P. naRDi, g. luCà, g. MoRoni, P. Rogliani, C.F. PeRno, a. VolPi.
Clinical features and outcome of hospitalized patients with HsV-1 Dna in the lower respiratory tract.
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113H. Wang, z. Huang, z. Wu, X. Qi, D. lin.
An epidemiological study on vaginitis in 6150 women of reproductive age in shanghai.
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119g. BaRBeRi, M.C. De Cola, P. Dell’utRi, s. MelaRDi, B. alagna, P. BRaManti, a. CasCio.
antimicrobial consumption and antimicrobial resistance: a snapshot of an italian neuromuscular rehabilitation center.
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130a. saMBRi, g. Pignatti, M. RoMagnoli, D. Donati, M. MaRCaCCi, M. CaDossi.
intraoperative diagnosis of staphylococcus aureus and Coagulase negative staphylococcus using Xpert MRsa/sa ssti assay in prosthetic joint infection.
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135C. BelMaR CaMPos, M. aePFelBaCHeR, M. HentsCHke.
Molecular analysis of the ramRa locus in clinical klebsiella pneumoniae isolates with reduced susceptibility to tigecycline.
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Short Communications

139P. Maggi, g.V. De soCio, s. CiCalini, M. D'aBBRaCCio, g. DettoRRe, a. Di Biagio, C. MaRtinelli, g. nunnaRi, s. RusConi, l. sigHinolFi, V. sPagnuolo, n. sQuillaCe.
use of statins and aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease among HiV-positive patients. a survey among italian HiV physicians.
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143F.g. De Rosa, s. CoRCione, s. RaViolo, B. BRuno, a. BusCa.
Management of Carbapenem-Resistant k. pneumoniae in allogenic stem Cell transplant Recipients: the turin Bundle.
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146k.s. RasMussen, M.Ø. Poulsen, k. JaCoBsen, M.n. skoV, H. JØRn kolMos, B.H. kalliPolitis, J.k. klitgaaRD.
Combination of thioridazine and dicloxacillin as a possible treatment strategy of staphylococci.
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Case Reports

148R. zaBa, M. JałoWska, M.J. koWalCzyk, M. BoWszyC-DMoCHoWska, z. aDaMski, a. szkaRaDkieWiC.
Cowpox virus (CPXV) infection in a child after contact with domestic cat: a case report.
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151C. PagliuCa, g. PastoRe, e. sCaglione, a. MigliuCCi, g.M. MaRuotti, a.g. CiCatiello, e. salVatoRe, M. PiCaRDi, J.C. saMMaRtino, M. Consiglio BuonoCoRe, P. MaRtinelli, e. iaCCaRino, R. ColiCCHio, P. salVatoRe.
genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii strain directly from human liquor samples of congenital toxoplasmosis clinical case.
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