ISSN 1121 - 7138

July 2016

New Microbiologica vol. 39, no. 3, July 2016


163P. MazzuCa, a. Caruso, F. CaCCuri
HiV-1 infection, microenvironment and endothelial cell dysfunction
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174a. sbrana, M. torCHio, G. CoMolli, a. antonuzzo, M. DanoVa, on beHalF oF italian network suPPortiVe Care in onColoGy (niCso)
use of Procalcitonin in Clinical oncology: a literature review
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Full Papers

181M. zaVattoni, s. PaoluCCi, a. sarasini, b. tassis, M. rustiCo, a. QuarenGHi, a. Piralla, F. balDanti
Diagnostic and prognostic value of molecular and serological investigation of human parvovirus b19 infection during pregnancy
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186C. Costa, F. siDoti, s. MantoVani, G. GreGori, a. Proietti, V. GHisetti, r. CaVallo
Comparison of two molecular assays for detection of Cytomegalovirus Dna in whole blood and plasma samples from transplant recipients
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192s. nozza, a.r. PiGnataro, l. Galli, V. sViCHer, C. alteri, e. boeri, M. riPa, a. CastaGna, M. saMPaolo, M. CleMenti, C.F. Perno, aDriano lazzarin
48-week outcomes of maraviroc-containing regimens following the genotypic or trofile assay in HiV-1 failing subjects: the osCar study
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197a. ManCini, D. VerDini, G. la ViGna, C. reCanatini, F.e. loMbarDi, s. baroCCi
retrospective analysis of nosocomial infections in an italian tertiary care hospital
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206M. ruGGeri, s. Cannas, M. CubeDDu, P. MoliCotti, P. Gl, s. Dessole, s. zanetti
bacterial agents as a cause of infertility in humans
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210i. korona-Glowniak, k. skrzyPek, r. siwieC, a. wrobel, a. MalM
Fluoroquinolone-resistance mechanisms and phylogenetic background of clinical Escherichia coli strains isolated in south-east Poland
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216e. buoMMino, F.P. noCera, a. Parisi, a. rizzo, G. DonnaruMMa, k. MallarDo, F. Fiorito, a. baroni, l. De Martino
Correlation between genetic variability and virulence factors in clinical strains of Malassezia pachydermatis of animal origin
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Short Communications

224l. Mazzuti, M.a. lozzi, e. riVa, P. MaiDa, F. FalasCa, G. antonelli, o. turriziani
evaluation of performances of Versant HCV rna 1.0 assay (kPCr) and roCHe Cobas ampliPrep/Cobas taqMan HCV test v2.0 at low level viremia.
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228e. balestrieri, C. CiPriani, C. MatteuCCi, n. CaPoDiCasa, a. Pilika, i. korCa, r. sorrentino, a. arGaw-Denboba, i. buCCi, M. tony Miele, a. ConiGlio, r. alessanDrelli, P. sinibalDi Vallebona
transcriptional activity of human endogenous retrovirus in albanian children with autism spectrum disorders
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Case Reports

232a. naselli, a. GaraVenta, P. buFFa, C. Granata, r. banDettini, G.CanGeMi, a. MosCatelli, e. CastaGnola
Primary intestinal mold infection in children with solid tumor: a case report in an adolescent with ewing sarcoma and literature review
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235s. GranDesso, F. arena, F.e. eseMe, s. Panese, l.H. De anGelis, P. sPiGaGlia, F. barbanti, G.M. rossolini
Clostridium difficile ribotype 033 colitis in a patient following broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment for kPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infection, italy
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237e. D’aGati, M. Pitzianti, e. balestrieri, C. MatteuCCi, P. sinibalDi Vallebona, a. Pasini
First evidence of HerV-H transcriptional activity reduction after methylphenidate treatment in a young boy with aDHD
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