ISSN 1121 - 7138

January 2016

New Microbiologica vol. 39, no. 1, January 2016


1V. Iebba, V. totIno, a. GaGlIardI, F. santanGelo, F. CaCCIottI, M. tranCassInI, C. ManCInI, C. CICerone, e. CorazzIarI, F. Pantanella, s. sChIPPa.
Eubiosis and dysbiosis: the two sides of the microbiota.
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Full Papers

13s. MorInI, G. MusuMeCI, I. bon, a. MIseroCChI, F. alVIano, s. lonGo, a. bertoldI, C.V. VelatI, d. GIbellInI, M.C. re.
HIV-1 gp120 impairs the differentiation and survival of cord blood Cd34+ hPCs induced to the erythroid lineage.
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25l. sCorzolInI, F. MenGonI, C.M. MastroIannI, r. baldan, d.M. CIrIllo, M. de GIustI, l. MarInellI, a. CottarellI, l. FattorInI, V. Vullo.
Pseudo-outbreak of Mycobacterium gordonae in a teaching hospital: importance of strictly following decontamination procedures and emerging issues concerning sterilization.
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35R. Palazzo, M. Carollo, M. Bianco, G. Fedele, I. Schiavoni, E. Pandolfi, A. Villani, A. E. Tozzi, F. Mascart, C. M. Ausiello.
Persistence of t-cell immune response induced by two acellular pertussis vaccines in children five years after primary vaccination.
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49e.F. Gherlone, P. CaPParé, r. PasCIuta, M.G. GrusoVIn, n. ManCInI, r. burIonI.
Evaluation of resistance against bacterial microleakage of a new conical implant-abutment connection versus conventional connections: an in vitro study.
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Short Communications

57M.r. ParIsI, l. soldInI, s. neGrI, G.M. VIdonI, n. GIanottI, s. nozza, K. sChlusnus, F. dorIGattI, a. lazzarIn.
Early diagnosis and retention in care of HIV-infected patients through rapid salivary testing: a test-and-treat fast track pilot study.
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61M.C. PostorIno, C. tortI, I. Carè, V. PIsanI, a. strazzulla, V. VaCCaro, C. Costa, F. ProVenzano, M. MazzItellI, a. PujIa, t. MontalCInI.
Is hand-grip another culprit for the risk of fractures in HIV-positive patients?
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Case Reports

65n. deCeMbrIno, M. zeCCa, a.M. tortorano, F. ManGIone, F. lallItto, F. IntrozzI, e. berGaMI, P. Marone, F. taMarozzI, C. CaVanna.
Acute isolated appendicitis due to Aspergillus carneus in a neutropenic child with acute myeloid leukemia.
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71d. FoCosI, G. antonellI, F. MaGGI.
Ebolavirus and evidence-based speculations.
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