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July 2015

New Microbiologica vol. 38, no. 3, July 2015


297A. LAzzArin, A. Andreoni, s. MArCotuLLio
Hiv treatmen italian guidelines update 2014: editorial
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Full Papers

299A. Antinori, s. MArCotuLLio, M. Andreoni, A. AMMAssAri, A. d’ArMinio Monforte, M. GALLi, e. GirArdi, f. MAzzottA, C. Mussini, M. Puoti, A. LAzzArin, for tHe itALiAn HiV GuideLines WorkinG GrouP.
italian guidelines for the use of antiretroviral agents and the diagnostic-clinical management of HiV-1 infected persons. update december 2014.
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329M. rittà, C. CostA, f. sidoti, C. BALLoCo, A. rAnGHino, M. MessinA, L. BiAnCone, r. CAVALLo.
Pre-transplant assessment of CMV-specific immune response by elispot assay in kidney transplant recipients.
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337r. dVir, f. CAnduCCi, s. rACCA, s. roLLA, s. stuCCHi, M. CLeMenti.
Comparison of the artus HiV-1 Qs-rGQ and VersAnt HiV-1 rnA 1.0 assays for quantitative detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in plasma samples.
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345A. CLò, d. GiBeLLini, d. dAMiAno, f. VesCini, C. Ponti, s. Morini, A. MiseroCCHi, G. MusuMeCi, L. CALzA, V. CoLAnGeLi, P. ViALe, M.C. re, M. Borderi.
Calcaneal quantitative ultrasound (Qus) and dual X-ray absorptiometry (dXA) bone analysis in adult HiV-positive patients.
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357G. BAnCHe, V. ALLizond, r. sosteGni, A. LAVAGnA, M. BerGALLo, f. sidoti, M. dAPerno, r. roCCA, A.M. Cuffini.
Application of multiple laboratory tests for Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis detection in Crohn’s disease patient specimens.
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369r. isePPi, P. Messi, i. AnACArso, M. Bondi, C. sABiA, C. Condò, s. de niederHAusern.
Antimicrobial resistance and virulence traits in Enterococcus strains isolated from dogs and cats.
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379s. AnGeLetti, G. diCuonzo, A. d’AGostino, A. AVoLA, f. CreA, C. PALAzzo, e. dedej, L. de fLorio.
turnaround time of positive blood cultures after the introduction of matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
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387M. CALtAGirone, i. BitAr, A. PiAzzA, M. sPALLA, e. nuCLeo, A. nAVArrA, r. MiGLiAVACCA.
detection of an incA/C plasmid encoding ViM-4 and CMY-4 β-lactamases in Klebsiella oxytoca and Citrobacter koseri from an inpatient cardiac rehabilitation unit.
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393G. LoMBArdo, C. siGnoretto, G. CorroCHer, A. PArdo, j. PiGHi, A. roVerA, f. CACCuri, P.f. noCini.
A topical desiccant agent in association with ultrasonic debridement in the initial treatment of chronic periodontitis: a clinical and microbiological study.
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409C. fArinA, P. fAzii, G. iMBerti, G. LoMBArdi, M. PAsserA, s. Andreoni, tHe MediCAL MYCoLoGY CoMMittee (CosM) - itALiAn AssoCiAtion of CLiniCAL MiCroBioLoGY (AMCLi) derMAtoPHYtes’ studY GrouP.
Trichphyton violaceum and T. soudanese: re-emerging pathogens in italy, 2005-2013.
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Short Communications

417G. MeLetis, e. oustAs, C. Botziori, e. kAkAsi, A. koteLi.
Containment of carbapenem resistance rates of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter baumannii in a Greek hospital with a concomitant increase in colistin, gentamycin and tigecycline resistance.
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423A. nAVArini, M.d.V. MArtino, s.M. sAsAGAWA, i.f.d. MAssAiA, M.j. MiMiCA.
Accuracy of a vancomycin brain heart infusion screening plate for the screening of Staphylococcus aureus isolates with increased vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentrations.
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427G. CoMoLLi, M. torCHio, e. LentA, B. frAnCesCHetti, A. CHiesA, s. CALArotA, f. BALdAnti, L. sCudeLLer, P. MArone, M. dAnoVA.
neutrophil Cd64 expression: a reliable diagnostic marker of infection in advanced cancer patients?
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Case Reports

431A. VAHidniA, P.j. VAn eMPeL, s. CostA, r. tn oud, t. VAn der strAAten, H. BLiekendAAL, j. sPAArGAren.
A misleading false-negative result using Neisseria gonorrhoeae opa MGB multiplex PCr assay in patient rectal sample due to partial mutations of the opa gene.
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595Errata Corrige
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