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October 2014

New Microbiologica vol. 37, no. 4, October 2014


403M. Gentile, H.R. GeldeRbloM.
electron microscopy in rapid viral diagnosis: an update.
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Full Papers

423o. ARMiGnACCo, M. AndReoni, e. sAGnelli, M. Puoti, R. bRuno, G.b. GAetA, C.F. PeRno, t.A. sAntAntonio,P. bonFAnti, s. bonoRA, M. boRdeRi, A. CAstAGnA, A. d’ARMinio MonFoRte, A. de luCA, P. GRossi,G. GuARAldi, F. MAGGiolo, C. Mussini, C. sAGnelli, M. tAvio, C. toRti, C. ubeRti-FoPPA, M. AndReoni,G. AnGARAno, A. AntinoRi, o. ARMiGnACCo, G. CARosi, A. CHiRiAnni, G. di PeRRi, M. GAlli, A. lAzzARin,G. RizzARdini, e. sAGnelli, G. tAliAni.
Recommendations for the use of Hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C in Hiv-infected persons. A position paper of the italian Association for the study of infectious and tropical diseases.
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439n. GiAnotti, A. Poli, M. GAlli, A. PAn, G. RizzARdini, A. soRiA, P. viAle, A. di biAGio, t. QuiRino,P. viGAnò, P. bonFAnti, A. d’ARMinio MonFoRte, i. FoRtino, A. lAzzARin.
Monotherapy withlopinavir/ritonavir versus standard of care in Hiv-infected patients virologically suppressed whileon treatment with protease inhibitor-based regimens: results from the Molo study.
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449M.R. PARisi, l. soldini, G. vidoni, C. MAbellini, t. belloni, l. bRiGnolo, s. neGRi, K. sCHlusnus,F. doRiGAtti, A. lAzzARin.
Point-of-care testing for HCv infection: recent advances and implicationsfor alternative screening.
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459G. bozzo, e. boneRbA, A. di Pinto, G. bolzoni, e. CeCi, A. MottolA, G. tAntillo, v.teRio.
occurrenceof Prototheca spp. in cow milk samples.
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465v. CzAiKA, P. nenoFF, A. GlöCKneR, K. beCKeR, W. FeGeleR, A.F. sCHMAlReCK.
detection of azolesusceptibility patterns in clinical yeast strains isolated from 1998 to 2008.
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495e. niColAi, s. GARAu, C. FAvAlli, C. d’AGostini, e. GRAtton, G. Motolese, n. RosAto.
evaluationof biessebioscreen as a new methodology for bacteriuria screening.
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503s. GRAndesso, b. sAPino, G. AMiCi, s. MAzzuCAto, M. solinAs, M. Gion.
Are e-test and vitek2 goodchoices fortigecycline susceptibility testing when comparing broth microdilution for MdR and XdRAcinetobacter baumannii?
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509A.K. szKARAdKieWiCz, t.M. KARPin′sKi, A. zeidleR, A. szKARAdKieWiCz.
opposite effect of supernatantsfrom selected periopathogens and oral lactobacilli cultures on AtP levels in human gingival fibroblasts.
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517M.R. GAtto, M. MonteveCCHi, M. PAoluCCi, M.P. lAndini, l. CHeCCHi.
Prevalence of six periodontalpathogens in subgingival samples of italian patients with chronic periodontitis.
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525J.J. lee, C.-M. KAnG, J.H. lee, K.s. PARK, J.H. Jeon, s.H. lee.
Phosphorylation-dependent interaction between a serine/threonine kinase PknA and a putative cell division protein Wag31 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
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535v. Monzillo, C. dAllA vAlle, M. CoRbellA, e. PeRCivAlle, d. sAsseRA, d. sCevolA, P. MARone.
Antibacterial activity and cytotoxic effect of siAb-Gv3.
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Short Communications

543s.n. slAvov, K.K. otAGuiRi, M.d. MACedo, M.C. RoCHA-JúnioR, A.C. silvA-Pinto, s. KAsHiMA, d.t. CovAs.
no evidence of xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus infection in brazilian multiply transfusedpatients with sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia major.
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551s. steFAni, i. GiovAnelli, i. AnACARso, C. Condò, P. Messi, s. de niedeRHäuseRn, M. bondi, R. isePPi,C. sAbiA.
Prevalence and characterization of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in food-producing animals in northern italy.
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557A. PiCCiRillo, M. GiACoMelli, C. sAlAtA, s. bettAnello, e. de CAnAle, G. PAlù.
Multilocus sequencetyping of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli from humans and chickens in north-eastern italy.
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563A. luPo, Y.n. GuilARte, s. dRoz, C. HiRzel, H. FuRReR, A. endiMiAni.
In vitro activity of clinicallyimplemented β-lactams against Aerococcus urinae: presence of non-susceptible isolates in switzerland.
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Case Reports

567A.G. CiCAtiello, d.v. iulA, C. PAGliuCA, G. PAstoRe, C. PAGliARulo, M.R. CAtAniA, R. ColiCCHio, M. PiCARdi,v. RAiA, P. sAlvAtoRe.
identification of Inquilinus limosus in Cystic Fibrosis: a first report in italy.
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Errata Corrige

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