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July 2014

New Microbiologica vol. 37, no. 3, July 2014

Full Papers

247U. Restelli, D. CRoCe, e. PoRazzi, F. sColaRi, M. BonFanti, M. Galli, n. Gianotti, G. RizzaRDini, e. GaRaGiola, a. VanzaGo, e. FoGlia.
Health technology assessment in the HiV setting: the case of monotherapy.
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263s. lanini, a. MaMMone, V. PURo, e. GiRaRDi, P. BRUzzi, G. iPPolito.
triple therapy for hepatitis C improves viral response but also increases the risk of severe infections and anaemia: a frequentist meta-analysis approach.
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277a. PRatelli, V. Colao.
a population prevalence study on influenza infection in dogs in southern italy.
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285R. MaseRati, a. antinoRi, s. BonoRa, a. CastaGna, a. D’aRMinio MonFoRte, a. De lUCa, C.F. PeRno
optimizing HiV therapy. a consensus project on differences between cytidine analogues and regime compactness.
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307M. BRzyCHCzy-WłoCH, W. PaBian, e. MajeWska, M. z⋅Uk, j. kiełBik, t. GosieWski, M. BUlanDa.
Dynamics of colonization with group B streptococci in relation to normal flora in women during subsequent trimesters of pregnancy.
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321l. sCoRzolini, M. liCHtneR, M. iannetta, F. MenGoni, G. RUsso, a. sCHiaVone Panni, M. Vasto, M. BoVe, C. Villani, C.M. MastRoianni, V. VUllo.
sonication technique improves microbiological diagnosis in patients treated with antibiotics before surgery for prosthetic joint infections.
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329C. sCaRano, C. sPanU, G. ziino, F. PeDonese, a. DalMasso, V. sPanU, s. ViRDis, e.P.l. De santis.
antibiotic resistance of Vibrio species isolated from sparus aurata reared in italian mariculture.
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339C. GaRCía-aljaRo, j. RieRa-HeReDia, a.R. BlanCH.
antimicrobial resistance and presence of the sXt mobile element in Vibrio spp. isolated from aquaculture facilities
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347l.R. toMasoni, V. MeRoni, C. BonFanti, l. Bollani, P. lanzaRini, t. FRUsCa, F. Castelli.
Multidisciplinary approach to congenital toxoplasma infection: an italian nationwide survey.
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355R. BeRényi, R. koVáCs, M. DoMán, R. Gesztelyi, G. kaRDos, B. jUHász, D. PeRlin, l. MajoRos.
efficacy of single large doses of caspofungin in a neutropenic murine model against the “psilosis” group.
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Short Communications

363e. CiMini, V. BoRDoni, e. lalle, M. MontalBano, U. VisCo-CoManDini, C. taiBi, G. D’oFFizi, R. lionetti, P. sCoGnaMiGlio, M.R. CaPoBianCHi, F. MaRtini, C. aGRati.
Rapid and preemptive evaluation of individual anti-hepatitis C virus treatment outcome capability by a short-term autologous liver tissue culture system.
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369M. BaBakiR-Mina, s. DiMonte, a. lo PResti, e. Cella, C.F. PeRno, M. Ciotti, M. CiCCozzi.
Phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of influenza a H7n9 virus.
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377F. FalasCa, C. teMPeRoni, l. MazzUti, a. lo PResti, M. CiCCozzi, e. Di FiliPPo, G. iaiani, G. taliani, o. tURRiziani.
Genetic analyses of HiV-1 pol sequences from zimbabwean patients.
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383C.G. aMMann, M. Fille, j. HaUsDoRFeR, M. noGleR, M. naGl, D.C. CoRaça-HUBeR.
influence of poly-n-acetylg lucosamine in the extracellular matrix on n-chlorotaurinemediated killing of staphylococcus epidermidis.
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Case Reports

387G.l. PoPa, i. tanase, C.a. PoPa, B. MastalieR, M.i. PoPa, C.M. CRetU.
Medical and surgical management of a rare and complicated case of multivisceral hydatidosis; 18 years of evolution.
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393G. MateRa, a. laBate, a. QUiRino, a.G. laMBeRti, G. BoRzě, G.s. BaRReCa, l. MUMoli, C. PeRonaCe, a. GianCotti, a. GaMBaRDella, a. FoCŕ, a. QUattRone.
Chronic neuroborreliosis by B. garinii: an unusual case presenting with epilepsy and multifocal brain MRi lesions.
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399C. FosCHi, a. FiliPPini, a. D’antUono, M. CoMPRi, F. MaCCa, n. Banzola, a. MaRanGoni.
lymphogranuloma venereum in an italian MsM: concurrent pharyngeal and rectal infection.
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New Microbiologica vol. 37, Supplement 1, 2014

42nd National Congressof the Italian Society of Microbiology

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